“God With Us?”

On Christmas Day, 2006, in Iraq, I wrote:

“Christmas morning we attended services at one of the two Christian churches in Suleimaniya. Peace was the theme of the sermon—peace for Iraq and other troubled areas of the world. The priest spoke of the promised one, Emanuel, which means ‘God with us.’

Many here have a hard time believing the presence of God is with us, considering the escalation of violence and the way that corrupt governments and leaders are able to maintain their power. So many things here (and elsewhere) have not turned out the way I have thought God should have wanted them to. Yet, I recall times of struggle and pain during our work in Iraq when it was clear to me that God was present, strengthening and caring for us, bringing good news of reconciliation and hope.”

(excerpt from Walking Through Fire: Iraqis’ Struggle For Justice and Reconciliation, (p. 137) by Peggy Faw Gish, Cascade Books, 2013)


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