“A Different Way”

In Dec. 2008, in Iraq, I wrote:

“It was into a world such as this that Jesus was born. He knew about the seemingly insurmountable power of world empires and how helpless the poor felt to change things. And yet he chose not to be consumed by hate or take the role of a helpless victim. He chose a different way. He reached out in healing to the victims of pain and violence while confronting, with the power of love and truth, the corrupt and oppressive power structures of his day.

Working here is not a sacrifice, because I experience a joy that comes when we open our lives more deeply to embrace the peoples of the world—the displaced, the broken, as well as those caught in the webs of wealth and power, and allow God to use us in the work of reconciliation.

(excerpt from Walking Through Fire: Iraqis’ Struggle For Justice and Reconciliation, (p. 190) by Peggy Faw Gish, Cascade Books, 2013)



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