After 5 Days

July 25, 2017

Greetings from sunny, hot Sulaimani, Iraq!

I am into my fifth day here and am getting more adjusted to the time, heat, and life and work.  Temperatures are about 105 F. in mid day, and predicted to reach 108 in a couple of days. Two team members have just left, leaving three of us on the team.


Besides getting re-oriented into the team’s projects, my work the last two days have been, with another team member, accompanying for about 6 hours each day, a man who has been threatened and targeted with violence for political reasons. I can’t give more details, but it is expected to be a short term assignment.  We are making plans for upcoming work with villagers dealing with cross-border attacks.

Sulaimani street at sunset

On a personal level, I am thankful to be doing well, and am enjoying being back among the common people here, shopping in our neighborhood, reconnecting with people I know, and dusting off and trying to improve my rusty Kurdish language abilities. This past weekend (Friday & Saturday), I was able to visit with a couple of long-time friends who I had worked closely with in the past.  So I feel like my time here is getting off to a good start, with more to come.


I hope this finds you well and having a good summer. Much love to you all !    Peggy






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