Art Gish Peacemaking Fund Request

Dear Friends,

In order to continue the grants under the Art Gish Peacemaking Fund (AGPF) for the coming year, we need to raise at least $2,000.  We are hoping for at least 100 people to contribute an average of $20.  You may also get this request through an email list.

At the APJN dinner, Sept. 22, many of us learned about Lawrence Greene’s sustainability and community gardening project involving and empowering low income people in Steubenville, OH. His was one of seven grassroots peace and social justice efforts that were made possible or strengthened by receiving funds from the Art Gish Peacemaking Fund (AGPF).

img003This fund was started in honor of the late Art Gish, long-time Athens resident and organic vegetable farmer, who had worked with multiple justice and peace campaigns, locally, nationally, and internationally, throughout his adult life, until his death in July 2010. Friends of Art felt that the best way to honor his life and work is to also do strong, creative justice and peace work as well as encourage others to do the same. So many of you have already been doing that!

With so many expressions of violence and hatred during this election year and a President-elect who has encouraged it, it’s even more important that we support people who want to speak out and act boldly, but peacefully, to build a more just and sustainable society, care for vulnerable persons here and abroad, and move our country toward peaceful international relations. Providing small grants, in Art’s name, is one small way we can do this.

We know you care, so we invite you to send a tax-deductable contribution to APJN at UCM, 18 N. College St., Athens, OH 45701. Checks should be made out to APJN, and designated for the “Art Gish Peacemaking fund” or “AGPF.”   And please forward this to interested friends.

Thank you,

Peggy Gish

Winsome Chunnu

Warren Haydon

Jonathan Maffay


The Art Gish Peacemaking Fund Committee.


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