New book about children’s experiences during World War II

You will want to check out a new book written by my friend, Sieglinde Martin, who lives in Columbus, OH and works for peace with the Central Ohioans for Peace.

Small Feet on the Run
Childhood during World War II Remembered and Arguments against War100_6202
by S I E G L I N D E  M A R T I N

Read about eighteen ordinary children whose childhood changed due to extraordinary events not of their making. How did they make sense of their world?

They collected and traded bomb shrapnel instead of baseball cards; instead of watching cartoons, they ran out in the morning to see what last night’s bombs had destroyed; and boys played with live ammunition like children here do with Fourth of July firecrackers.

Ponder the bravery of the ten-year old girl traveling alone to her faraway home.
Worry about the three-year-old watching her house burn. Cheer for the fearless boy who provides food for his family or wonder how it was possible that, in the middle of a large bombed-out city, a four-year-old brings a live chicken to her mother. ese stories also talk about overwhelming fear, bottomless sadness, the heartwarming kindness of
strangers and enemy soldiers, as well as childhood joys. At the end you may agree with the motto of the last chapter “Never Again War.”

–Peggy Faw Gish

Consider buying copies for holiday gifts, posting this on your social media pages, or reviewing this book in a relevant publication or in your blog.

ISBN: 978-1-4982-9613-7 | 252 pp. | $25 | paper

Orders: Contact your favorite bookseller or order directly
from the publisher via phone (541) 344-1528,
fax (541) 344-1506 or e-mail us at

Media, Examination, and Review Copies:
Contact: James Stock
(541) 344-1528, ext 103 or



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