From Athens to Athens


The Porch of the Karyatids, in the Acropolis, in Athens, Greece

Dear Friends and Family,


Mural on the wall in the Pikpa Refugee Camp, Lesbos, Greece


Children in the Gollala Valley in Iraqi Kurdistan

I return home, still feeling the enormity of the problems, but grateful for the privilege of meeting many wonderful people caught in the refugee systems or who are the victims of the bombing and shelling coming across the borders to their villages, but who lovingly support others also going through the same trials. I also had the opportunity of working side by side with so many caring volunteers from around the world.

I am also grateful for a good and safe trip, and for the loving support all of you have given me, and which made it possible to make this journey.

Thank you all, and hope you continue to enjoy a beautiful fall !       Peggy


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