After four days in Lesbos, Greece

Greetings from Lesbos, Greece,

This is my fourth day on team here, and I am getting to know my three teammates better and my way around our apartment neighborhood in the city of Mytilini.  My orientation into our work has been times at the Pikpa camp (our main personal connection with refugees), a trip to the Moria Camp, where all new refugees must go to register when they arrive on the island, and a walk through the port authority area where last year thousands of refugees slept out in the open waiting to be transported to the Greek mainland. We also met with a German youth work camp which is on the island and plan to meet with them again tomorrow.

In the Pikpa camp, where about 80-90 refugees stay until their papers are processed and they leave for the mainland, I have started getting to know refugees and other international volunteers during the noon mealtime.  I have been asked to help with teaching English, since I am a first-language English speaker, and found it a good way to start building relationships with the people. I have also taken part in a time of taking the children down to the shore where, with adults, they splash around and some learn to 13413739_10205197909542200_8347952106669147903_nswim, helping them undo some of the trauma they acquired from their boat ride to the island.

I had hoped to write more about the situation here, by now, but have been challenged by the last two days of sickness and lower energy. Tomorrow I expect to be back at the Pikpa Camp to help out wherever I can.

I look forward to the coming month and hope to keep you all posted on what is happening here. Thank you all for your love and prayers that help sustain me in this work.

Love to you all,  Peggy


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