Summer travel plans

Dear Friends,

Once again, I am making plans to travel to work overseas this summer, this time splitting my time between Iraq and Greece with the Christian Peacemaker teams.

My plans are to first go to northern Iraq in mid-July and be there a month, and then travel from there to go to Lesbos, Greece in mid-August for another month, coming back home the third week of September.

In northern Iraq, one of the focuses of the team will be to spend time with villagers who live along the border with Turkey, but whose homes and villages are being bombed, since the breaking of the 3-year cease fire. The team hopes to tell their stories and report about what is happening there and about the consequences of the bombing for them.

In Lesbos, the “Mediterranean Project” is coordinated by CPT- Europe team (based in Berlin). Since the situation there is in flux, we can’t know ahead exactly what we will be doing, but the team  expects to continue partnering with “Village of All Together”, an all-volunteer group that has been helping with feeding, housing, and medical care of refugees and providing them with legal information and support.

And again, while there, I hope to keep posting information and stories, as much as I can, and will be grateful for your prayers and loving support. For those who would like to make a financial contribution, here is a link for a “Go Fund Me” project that would go to projects there to help the refugees, as well as helping with my expenses, the expenses of Lisa Troccia, and Ivars Balkits (from Athens, OH, who will also be part of the team in Lesbos.

Much love to you all !    Peggy11927757_1465051912.7549_updates


4 thoughts on “Summer travel plans

    • Thank you John! I have good memories of working with you in Iraq, and wish also that you could be a part of this trip.
      Much strength to you in your good work there! Peggy

  1. Hi Peggy
    So glad to hear you are out and about doing good this summer, may the world be filled with folks with your heat to serve.
    Rory and I were so excited to hear that Lisa and Ivars would be joining in CPT’s effort in Greece, we have such fond memories of them! We always called Ivars the gentle giant. Please giving them our best. We will keep you all in our prayers, for strength and wisdom as you give aid and document their struggle. We wish we also could join you, and will be with you in spirit.


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