Stories of Interfaith Bridgebuilding

Talk and slide show by Peggy Faw Gish, on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, at Walter Hall Rotunda, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701

Peggy Faw Gish is a long-time Athens resident, farmer, organizer and peace-maker. She got her start during the 1960s Civil Rights and anti-war movements and hasn’t slowed down! Peggy’s stories from Iraq, the West Bank, and Nigeria of courageous interfaith collaboration, diffusion tensions, working for peace and reconciliation, advocating for and helping others of differing religious or ethnic groups, can inspired us with ideas of how we might work at interfaith relationships and cooperation right here in our own community. Better Together at Ohio University brings students of all and no faith backgrounds together to plan events like this to promote interfaith community through education, service and social change. They meet weekly, Tuesdays 3pm – 4pm at United Campus Ministry. Come join us!IMG_0768_2


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