Many Nigerians returning to their homes in the northeast

About 60 people gathered outside the EYN Quarters this morning, waiting for vans to take them back to their home areas in the Northeast. Some stood around or sat on the ground with their children along with bundles of their belongings. I spoke with two women who said they were from Mitchika, and after voting they planned to return to the homes they fled when Boko Haram attacked this winter. They said they believe it is safe now for them to go back.

Other persons told me they were going back home to vote in the gubernatorial elections, but were coming back here afterward.  One said he was not sure it was safe yet to return, another said she and her family now plan to make Jos their home.

Many looked tired and concerned, but thanked me when I said I prayed that God would give them strength and safe travels, and that brothers and sisters throughout the U.S. were praying for them.People going back


by Peggy Faw Gish


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