Another trip on the horizon

Dear Friends,

Once more I have travel plans—this time to northern Nigeria for three months.

My plans are to volunteer with a crisis team under the Nigeria Church of the Brethren in Northern Nigeria, in cooperation with the Church of the Brethren in the U.S.  I hope to love and assist the people displaced from their homes and towns in the northeast by Boko Haram, and who are now camping out west and south of those areas of danger. This work will involve writing and sharing the stories of the people, assisting with trauma healing and peace-building workshops, dispensing relief supplies, and just being with and caring for the people. I hope to write and send out stories and reports of what is happening to the people there.

As I go, I welcome your love and prayers for me and the Nigerian people and so many other people around the world who are suffering from violence and exploitation.

Love and joy to you all !  Peggy Gish


4 thoughts on “Another trip on the horizon

  1. Peggy, your dedication and bravery know no bounds. I love you and pray for you and all the people who need your loving care so much. I wish you Godspeed and safe return, and al holding you and all the people in need in the Light. Love, Ann

  2. I will be praying God’s blessing during your time there. With the gifts he has given you, I know it will bless many, thank you for going. when do you leave? shalom to you and all you touch. Jim

  3. Our Blessing and prayers are with you dear Friend. You are seldom out of our thoughts. Sorry we have not communicated very well.

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