Urgent Action Alert from the CPT Iraqi Kurdistan Team


A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Iraqi Kurdistan and is

reaching disastrous proportions. Tens of thousands of Yazidi people (a

religious minority in Iraq) are trapped by ISIS-Islamic State (IS) forces in the

Sinjar Mountains without food and water. According to reports, 70 children

have died so far of heat and dehydration. Hundreds more are likely to die in

the coming days. An estimated 100,000 Iraqi Arabs along with Christians,

Shabak, Yazidi and other minorities have fled their homes, under threat, and

are attempting to enter the area of northern Iraq controlled by the Kurdistan

Regional Government, a region already stretched beyond capacity with over 1

million of internally displaced persons from the conflict with IS and refugees

from Syria. Those who cannot leave their homes risk kidnapping, rape,

torture and gruesome death.

Such a situation is intolerable. The international community needs to

move quickly to provide help and support to the Yazidi people before more

people die.

Christian Peacemaker Team – Iraqi Kurdistan asks people everywhere

to join a nonviolent army of voices to call for aid and assistance for this

beleaguered region. Please contact everyone you know—individuals, groups,

faith communities—to contact their governments and other leaders for an

outpouring of aid and support!

Ask for:

• Governments and people in power to negotiate with forces within and

beyond IS to cease attacks on civilians

• For international agencies-government to deliver water, food and

humanitarian assistance to the Yazidi people trapped on the Sinjar


• For additional aid to relief agencies such as the United Nations and

others as well as individual support of other reputable groups.

Take further action:

• Hold a public event or vigil in your community to show support for

the Yazidi and other Iraqi people who suffer from the violence and


• Remain informed about the on going crisis and be alert to ways you

can bring change.

• Encourage everyone possible to do the above!




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