I hope you will find this site:

A place to read more stories about what war and occupation has meant for the Iraqi people, as well as stories of Iraqi persons and organizations working creatively to build movements of nonviolence and reconciliation.

A place to read about current peace and justice issues and happenings and explore nonviolent and restorative responses.

A place to add your voice and dialogue with Peggy and other readers about these issues.

Prepare to be informed and challenged!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello, Peggy. Herb and I are glad to see your activities as you continue your work for peace. Thank you for your powerful witness. It’s great to hear your voice crying out to make a difference.

    • Thank you. I’ve been given such a privilege to work for peace in Iraq and Palestine. I need to and want to share what I have learned and experienced.

      Please feel free to post your stories of peacemaking, what you or others in your area are doing to foster justice and peace. Peggy

  2. Hello Peggy. My daughter lives in Athens and told me about you and Art a few years ago. We read two of Art’s journals on the Hebron area prior to our trip a year ago to Palestine/Israel. Debbie sees you at the market, and, if she hasn’t yet had the nerve to greet you, know that she thinks highly of you. I look forward to reading this blog and learning of the work you are doing for people who need love and hope. How sad their stories are. Bless you for what you do to show them that they are loved and prayed for.

  3. Peggy, I hope you are doing well. Could you send me an e-mail….I’d like to request your permission to use a photo of you in a short video production. I can provide details and we can discuss via e-mail. Thanks!

  4. Hi Peggy, I am re reading Walking Through Fire and am so amazed again at your strength and courage. I wonder if you remember me ( teacher hired by Sirwan) who lived with you in the CPT House. Jim, my husband, and I are working with Sami Rasouli to try to get visas to spend a month in Fajaf , speaking English and building relationships. Thank you for all you do to speak and live peace. In peace, Martha

    • (I finally got it to work)
      Thank you, Martha, for sharing this! And I do remember you. I hope you are able to go to Iraq and teach English with Sammy. I think it would be a great experience for you. Let me know how it goes.

      Love, Peggy

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